80s Fancy Dress

80s Fancy Dress

The fancy dress is the specially tailored costume which is usually worn to attend the masquerades party.  These apparels are little bit odd but much gorgeous and attractive. Now, 80s fancy dress was very popular during the 80s. Frankly speaking, from the very beginning, men and women have experienced a lot in learning good things and bad as well.  80s fancy dress has brought the lot of changes and modification in the fashion world. The 60s-70s periods have been marked by the conventional and old fashioned cloth line and dress materials.  People enjoyed a lot by finding themselves in the classic and gentlemanly dress materials and apparels. The garments were tailored in magnificent way during 80s through the proper utilization of both Victorian and modern styles. This blended fashion has left heavy footprints on the human lifestyle. Therefore, the persons living in 80s experienced both contemporary and conventional fashion.

A Craze for 80s Fancy outfit

A Craze for 80s Fancy outfit

However, in the early part of the 80s, a massive switchover was felt in the sphere of the fashion design due to the sudden blow of the modernity. The modern concepts and scientific reflection swept away the piles of the old stereotyped moralities and conventional legacies by enhancing the steady entry of new fashion and design.

  • The popularity of 80s fancy dress spread all over the world.  The American rock culture has influenced the 80s fancy dress to a great extent.
  • Women showed much inclination to wear the tight jeans with the loose T-shirts and the big size wigs over the head.  They developed their habit by coloring hair.  The blonde hair was at that time so popular that the young generation felt crazy for coloring the cascade like hair in different hues. The natural aesthete perhaps got the first bang under the strong current of the modern and artificial style.

80s Decade for Self exposure

There are a number of luminaries, celebrities and the film personalities who refined and renewed their tastes by adorning themselves with the excellent outfits and garments.  The American pop culture owned up responsibility to enhance the speedy reversal of the fashion and design from the monotonous and complicated style with classic finish to the modern design which has brought some relief to the teens to hanker after carless beauty in carefree attitude. This type of sudden transition has modified the taste of the general folks to opt for the close fitting denim jeans trousers and skin deep shirts or T-shirts.  Frankly speaking, the 80s decade is the age of self exposure. Since then, men and women have been doing lot of research, experiment and mistakes as well. Women prefer the exposure by being clad in dare devil dress and dudes showed their expertise by choosing the highly fashionable clothes. The entry of Michael Jackson, the music legend  forced the world to follow him in the matter of choosing odd and eccentric outfits to highlight the features of 80s fancy dress. The pop culture was under the possession of this luminary who held the sway in the music world for couple of decades. He wore contemporary dresses with ultramodern touch.

If someone watches the music albums/video clips of Dangerous, he will be overwhelmed by seeing him in wild apparels. Again in his another video under the title Black or White, his exposure to the public front in forbidden dresses has accelerated the steady progression and modification in the area of the attractive fashion.

Hollywood Stardom and 80s Fancy Design

On the other hand, Cyndi Lauper showed her bravado by bleaching the hair. Hair coloring has got new exposure in this period. Since then, celebrities and their admirers have held back the custom till now by following the suits.  If a person feels duty bound to mug up the autobiography of Gloria Estefan, he will feel the difference. She brought a new dimensional change in the pattern of the cloth line.  Her majestic beauty was enlivened and refined under the scanner of the 80s fancy dress code.

Lennox, Roxanne, Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin contributed much to hold 80s fancy dress in high stature.  Madonna or Bruce Springsteen has showcased the 80s decade to the international arena by offering wonderful and eye catching dress materials.

Online Source for Better Research

To know elaborately, people are advised to spend some time by internet surfing.  The online data base is stuffed with the tons of information and data which will break the barrier of knowledge by refining the mind with the current data and information. The e-book and electronic brochure and booklets are also the powerful sources of collecting data regarding the 80s fancy dress.


Lastly a close monitoring to the musical video Purple Rain from Prince will help persons to build up the powerful  conception regarding the 80s fancy dress.  The modern teens should learn a lot from the 80s fancy dress to get the mastery over the ultramodern fashion design.  They should feel indebted to those eminent personalities who have opened new vistas by punching the new style and innovation in designing the contemporary dresses.

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