Bag valve mask

Mask to improve your breathing

The bag valve mask is a piece of medical equipment to improve your breathing. These masks trouble while breathing. It is generally provided by the medical professionals. They give these to the patients, who feel problems while breathing. It gives some sort of pressure are used mostly by people, who feels ventilation to the person, who is affected by the problem. It gives a some sort of support to breathe easily, and somewhat relieves his agony. It is also known as the Ambo bag. It is said to be invented in around 1950’s. It is a popular product among the medical fraternity. Before the bag was discovered, people were having great difficulty in breathing. They were given support with mouth to mouth breathing. But various types of problems arose on mouth to mouth problems. Some of the medical personal had great difficulties in doing this.

Mask at your rescue

The mouth to mouth breathing support system is a little cumbersome process. So only a trained medical personal could support this type of emergency. Some feel that it may not be the right type of medical help to support to give a complete support. Some doubt about if it is working properly or not. It is a type of limited process; one cannot go on following this process, always. The manual suction process was the only process to administer oxygen. But the bag valve will continue to help the patient for a long time. Oxygen could be administered through the pipe, while using this mask.

When the patient is being transported in any medical emergency, the valve mask will be of considerable help. Patients with chronic heart problems are advised to keep this type of mask in their homes. This will help them to overcome any type of medical emergencies. This bag valve mask uses simple techniques in its operation. Some of the bags could be connected to the oxygen filling tank. There is a dual valve system working in the bag, one for the inhaling of the oxygen and the other for the carbon di oxide to go out. The design is very simple to let it operate easily by any.

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