Barcelona Day Bed

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Barcelona day bed is not only attractive furniture but also it is much competent and durable. This furniture item will bring the glamour and the elegance to the room. Basically, Barcelona day bed is the replica form of the daybed which was first exhibited at the Berlin Exhibition in the year of 1929. Frankly speaking, this daybed is a plethora of art. The fantastic design and solid physique of this furniture piece has become much popular in the world. It will provide the maximum comfort and coziness to users. The top graded Italian leather has been used for manufacturing this wooden fixture. The design is really ultramodern and much attractive whereas the color shade/contrast will overtake other daybeds. The price rate is very good. This fantastic home decoration fixture is made of the world class African Sapele Mahogany. Mahogany is very durable wood and it will revive the lost brightness and the luster of the bedstead.

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This solid wooden frame is placed on much powerful and long lasting stainless steel stands which are hand polished to shine. The bed looks very cute and nice. When a person will stretch his arms and legs on the bed after lying in carefree attitude, he will feel comfy and happy. The body will be well protected. The upholstery accessories of this bed are well fitted and well decorated.

The deep and colorful duvet cover will bring the elegance to this furniture piece. This daybed of Barcelona lineup can be installed in the bedroom or lounge. A sophisticated person requires such high quality comforter for getting the maximum joy and relaxation. The stainless steel stands are also highly protected with glides or rubber caps to check the slippery. It is well adjusted to the room temperature. Apart from the domestic usage, it can also be installed in the offices. This sophisticated daybed is placed in the foray of a commercial sector. That foray in the office will be made much more fashionable and glamorous with the installation of such wonderful wooden fixture. The price is very attractive and low.

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