Best waffle maker

Best Waffle Maker

Waffle makers are available in a variety of forms and designs nowadays. Villa Ware waffle maker is one of the best brands of this product. You will be able to find these waffle makers on Amazon and many where you might feel that they are very highly rated. The waffle makers of the Villa Ware come in lots of unique shapes and designs. The Villa Ware 2010 UNO Pro Belgian Gravity Waffler for 90 dollars makes 1.5 inches thick waffles, has cast aluminum housing, and the top and bottom heating units rotate 180 degrees to ensure even browning and crisp results. There are seven browning levels to choose from and most reviews we read say go with setting 5, although the manufacturer suggests 3 and 4. If you have children then you have to buy a Villa Ware because they make fun designed waffles with some of their makers.

Types Of Waffle Maker

There are different waffle makers that have the ability to make various kinds of popular designs. The VillaWare V5555 01 Mickey’s Waffler, Single 6 inches that comes in 40 dollars creates perfect Mickey Mouse face wafflers and the VillaWare V2001F UNO Farmyard Waffler that comes for 70 dollars makes fun farm animal waffles that kids love to eat.

Toastmaster Waffler Waffle Maker that comes for 25 dollars as a budget value waffler iron. It is a bakers round, plate size waffle maker with a Master Coat non stick finish, automatic temperature control and it can stand on end for easy storage. However, the Waring and Villa Ware will probably produce more consistent results, but for a cheap waffler iron, consider the Toastmaster. The last mention for a quality waffle maker is the Chef’s Choice 830B Waffle Pro Classic Belgian Waffle Maker that comes for 50 dollars. They love the deep pocketed Belgian waffles this thing produces and it cooks them in less than one and a half minutes. They say more important than the waffle maker is the waffle recipe and batter that you use.

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