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Universal car charger

We all know that the “Low Battery” message usually appears at the worst possible time. Like when you really need the navigation app, or expecting a call. If you are in a car, a charger will solve it, but which one to buy when there are hundreds of possibilities. That’s why I have created a list of best universal car chargers you can buy in 2017.

Best Universal Car Charger 2017

Charger NameConnectorPortsPrice 
AmazonBasics Micro USB Universal Car Chargermicro USB1$6.99Check Price
Anker 24W Dual USB Car ChargerUSB2$8.99Check Price
iClever BoostCube 40W 4-Port USB ChargerUSB4$15.99Check Price
CHARGED 4 Port Quick Charge Car ChargerUSB & USB-C4$14.99Check Price
Jelly Comb Quick Charger 3.0USB4$19.99Check Price

AmazonBasics Car Charger – Best Budget Charger

If you are looking for a cheap charger this charger will fulfill your needs and for a really great price. It’s not as powerfull as the other ones, so not suitable for Apple devices like iPhone.

What’s good

  • Really cheap
  • Comes with micro USB cable (about 1.5 meters long)


  • Not suitable for iPhone and other Apple devices

A universal car charger is a device which is used for charging multiple electronic devices such as IPod, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA and lots of other electronic devices. This device consists of different adapters for charging different electronic devices. You can even charge the headset easily if there is an absence of a wall outlet. When you are in a car you do not have the privilege to get a wall power socket. Thus this adapter can be plugged in the car’s cigarette lighter socket and charge your devices. Any kind of USB device can be charged with the help of this adapter and at the same time it is compatible to any USB device that has a charging cable. This adapter is also safe to use because it comprises of a circuit board which protects it from any kind of short circuit or electrical mismatch.

Car Charger Adapter,Dual Smart USB Ports,4.8A/24W,for Mobile
$6.89 $6.89
Packet Includes:1* Car Charger Ailun Ailun develops and markets its own products and services that deliver new experience, greater convenience and enhanced value to every customer Ailun designs, develops, and sells all kinds of Cell Phone Accessories Kits, includin...
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AmazonBasics Micro USB Universal Car Charger for Android - 5
$6.99 $6.99
An Amazon Brand....
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USB Cable, 4 in 1 Multifunctional Universal USB Charger Cable
$29.99 $29.99
Why Do You Choose IVVO? IVVO will always provide the best product, pre and after service.We stand behind all our products 100%. Strict QC and assured quality. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please give us an opportunity to improve your experience by contactin...
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Outtag 90W 15-20V Universal Laptop Car Charger DC Power Adapter
$24.99 $24.99
[ATTENTION] Confirm Your Laptop Tip Dimension, Voltage and Power Watt!!!! If you are not sure, please send us your computer brand and model number for suggestion! Tips Size and Fit Laptop Models M1: 15V, Dimension: 6.3*3.0mm for TOSHIBA compatible model laptops M3: 16V,...
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Car Charger, Maxboost 4.8A/24W 2 USB Smart Port Car Charger
$19.99 $19.99
Introducing the Maxboost Car Charger with Smart Port Technology. The Maxboost Car Charger with dual Smart Ports are a highly durable, ultra-portable, universal charger for the car. The Maxboost charger is extraordinarily strong, featuring a double injected frame with ...
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USB Cable, Retractable 4 in 1 Multifunctional Universal USB
$10.99 $10.99
[KINGBACK] Make charging easier and safer Having this 4 in 1 multi charging USB cable for yourself and your friends when needed.Perfect for home use and office or business and travel. 4-IN-1 Retractable Design The retractable design makes this cable ideal for stowing i...
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AmazonBasics Micro USB Universal Car Charger for Android - Coiled
$9.99 $9.99
An Amazon Brand....
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Cell Phone Car Charger, FiveBox Dual USB Mini Universal Car Charger
$16.99 $16.99
FiveBox Smart USB Car Charger with 2* 6ft Micro USB Cables [Car Charger] Specifications: - Compatible with All USB outlet port cable - Input Voltage: DC 12V ~ 24V - USB Output Voltage: DC 10W/5V/3.4A - Dimensions (L x W): 2.3 x 1.1 Inches [Premium Nylon Braided USB 2.0 ...
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Multi USB Cable, JASTEK 3.3 Feet 4 in 1 Braided Multiple Charging
$19.99 $19.99
JASTEK 3.3 Feet (1M) 4 in 1 Nylon Braided Multi USB Charging Cables; Compatible with all the following: 1. For apple 5/6/7series; 2. Most micro USB-enabled devices,including select Android,HTC,Nokia,LG,Blackberry,Sony,MP3 players,GPS,Camera and most smartphones,etc. 3. ...
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Criacr Bluetooth FM Transmitter, Wireless In-Car FM Transmitter
$59.99 $59.99
The Criacr FM Transmitter is a new Bluetooth FM Transmitter with Hands-free Car Kit Charger, which supports USB driver and TF card. It can automatically play and transmit the MP3 files of USB driver and TF card. Built-in microphone with Echo cancellation and noise suppr...
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Kinds of universal car charger

There are many types of universal car charger available in the market these days and before buying you must know what kind of a charger you are buying. Cigarette lighter adapter is one type of car charger with which you can charge the I Phone and cell phone. It is a 12v lighter socket which can charge your devices without overheating them. One of the best among the car chargers is the Premium rapid vehicle charger. It is a high quality charger compared to other car chargers as because it has an LED indicator which indicates once your device has been fully charged. The car charger deluxe is a type of car charger which allows you to enjoy the ITunes and also allows hands free conversation.
However, before buying a universal car charger you must compare the prices in different websites and read the reviews of various models. You can enjoy your ride and do not need to care if the battery of your device drains away.

Water fire extinguisher

About water fire extinguisher

The water fire extinguisher is one of the simplest and the earliest type of fire extinguisher that are available in the market. A steady jet of water is discharged from this fire extinguisher over the source of the flames lowering down the temperature of the burning material below the point of ignition. These fire extinguishers are commonly of two types. The first one is the air pressured fire extinguisher. In this the air pressure discharges the water from the container to the flames. The water mist spray fire extinguisher is the second type of fire extinguisher which contains pressurized nitrogen mixed with water which is spread as tiny droplets or a mist instead of shooting a strong jet of water. These types of fire extinguishers are most commonly used in cramped and small places because they are less messy than any other type of fire extinguisher.

Amerex 240, 2.5 Gallon Water Class A Fire Extinguisher
$106.76 $152.99
All Amerex extinguishers are furnished with a detailed “Owners Manual” containing valuable information. The manual contains information on the installation, use and maintenance of the extinguisher. The extinguisher nameplate (label) contains specific information on ...
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Buckeye 50000 Stainless Steel Water Pressurized Hand Held Fire
$100.48 $122.07
Buckeye water and water mist units provide effective and economical protection for common combustible fires. The water mist unit uses deionized water and incorporates a unique spray nozzle. These features make it safe for use on energized electrical equipment. Water mis...
Usually ships in 1 to 2 weeks
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Kidde 466403 Pro 2.5 Water Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 Gallon, Stainless
$119.36 $167.64
The Kidde Pro 2.5 W unit performs better, lasts longer, offers the best value in the extinguisher industry, and is the number one choice for virtually all hazards where class A-type materials may be present. Suitable for use on Class A (trash, wood, paper) fires. Safe a...
Usually ships in 1-2 business days
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Amerex 240, 2.5 Gallon Water Class A Fire Extinguisher
Fire Extinguisher, Water Fire Extinguisher, Class A, UL Rating 2A, Capacity 2.5 gal., Extinguish Agent Type Water, Height 24-1/2 In., Diameter 7 In., Cylinder Material Stainless Steel, Operating Pressure 100 psi, Discharge Time 55 sec., Range Max. 55 ft., Bracket Includ...
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US Toy Fire Extinguisher Water Squirter Toy
Great pool toy. Unscrew the top to fill with water and squeeze the handle to shoot. Made of plastic. Size 9" L....
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2.5 Gallon Type 2A Water Pressure Fire Extinguisher with Wall
$130.62 $130.62
Our Water Fire Pressure Fire Extinguisher are use for common combustible fires. The Water Pressured fire extinguishers have Schrader Valves incorporated into the Valve Assemblies for easy recharge....
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Fedco FER501 Poly Tank Fire Pump with Fedco Pump, 5-Gallon
$139.75 $189.99
The Indian FER 501 Poly Fire Pump features a UV resistant poly tank that will last for years of heavy use. Rust-free and sturdy. Brass pump will give years of bind free use. A pump you can count on in an emergency. Comfort features such as padded straps are included. Ca...
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1 - 100 psi. Pressure Gauge For Portable Water Pressure Fire
$5.95 $5.95
**Watch for quantity DISCOUNTS only at BIGDAVESYARDSALE** 100 psi. Universal Gauge For Portable Water Pressure Fire Extinguishers (1 - Gauge) Very easy to install this gauge on your stainless steel Fire Extinguisher (Just put a little Teflon Tape on the threads and you'...
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Fire Extinguisher, Water Fire, A, 2A
$144.36 $144.36
' Fire Extinguisher, Water Fire Extinguisher, Class A, UL Rating 2A, Capacity 2.5 gal., Extinguish Agent Type Water, Height 24-1/2 In., Diameter 7 In., Cylinder Material Stainless Steel, Operating Pressure 100 psi, Discharge Time 55 sec., Range Max. 55 ft., Bracket Incl...
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2.5 Gallon Water Pressure Fire Extinguisher with Wall Bracket
$139.95 $139.95
Type A Extinguisher. It is a 2 1/2 gal. Water Pressure that is suitable for use on Class A, fires. For combustible material like Paper, Wood, and Material. Do NOT use on electrical or Flammable Liquids. Typical Uses: For public areas such as offices, classrooms, churche...
Usually ships in 24 hours
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Work of a water fire extinguisher

The work of a water fire extinguisher is to nullify some specific type of fires. Most commonly these types of fire extinguishers are used to put of fires which involves freely burning materials like wood, paper, textiles and other carbonaceous substances. These are usually classified as ‘A’ type of fires. The rating should be displayed in every fire extinguisher which indicates the water holding capacity of the container and the expanse of fire that it can extinguish. Generally the range of the jet on the fire extinguishers varies from few feet to a maximum of four feet.
There is a small container at the top of the container casing which contains compressed gas. The leaking out of the gas is prohibited by the presence of a release valve. Some fire extinguishers contain a plastic head caps which incorporates a metal valve body that provides added strength. These fire extinguishers are available very easily in the market as well as in the online stores these days.

All Truck Lift Kits

Using Truck Lifts for Clear Performance

You can find a variety of all truck lift kits in the internet. All truck lift kits are the devices that is used to lift a truck from the ground level to such a level that it seems like they have touched the sky. If you are thinking that the installation work of the kits is a difficult task, then you are wrong because the installation will need maximum a day or two. The installation process will need some ability on the mechanical side and tools that are in their proper condition. If you find the installation process difficult, then you can definitely go for the purchase of it through the internet system. And as soon as you will get the kit, you can install it with the help of a mechanic. The cost for installing the kit will be about 30% to 40% more from the kit.

Manufacturers of the Truck Kits

There are various Companies that are involved in the manufacturing of the all truck lift kits. One of them is named as the Superlift suspension lift kits. This Company was started in the year 1975 and since that time till today it has become the leading truck kits manufacturers. They have gained such popularity because this company produces products that are of excellent quality. This manufacturing company controls all its work through the computer that of latest version. They always keep a record which shows which products are delivered from the company so that the customer does not have any sort of problem. The manufacturing companies make certain products that are used to lift the truck made of Chervolet, ford, dodge etc without any difficulty.
A company named as the trailmaster is involved in the business of manufacturing all truck lift kits since 30 years. It helps in improving the condition of the jeeps, trucks. This also has leveling kits that are made for the new models of the vehicles that have two wheels and for the four wheelers also. there are different companies that produce different models of truck kit but the most important thing while buying is to see whether the kit you are purchasing is within your budget or not.

Air Compressor Combo Kits

Choosing the Best Compressor Kit

When you are going to purchase an air compressor combo kits, then the things that should be kept in mind while purchasing, is a bit hard and tedious job. The first thing that should be kept in consideration is about the project in which you are going to use the compressor kit. First decide whether you are going to use the compressor in your home or in the business purpose. There are different types of compressor like some are gas powered whereas some work with the help of electricity. The different compressors are used in different places and also fulfill different purposes. For example, the compressors that re known as the electric compressor is seen mostly in the garages, but if you are involved in a job of a contractor for making a building, then you can use any compressor that is gas powered or which uses electricity.

Different Shapes of Compressors

You will get different compressor kits that are made of different shapes. The different compressors based on different shapes are Pancake air compressor, hot dog air compressors, vertical air compressors and many more. It depends on your choice that which compressor will suit the best for your needs. If you want the compressor that has wheels attached to it, then you can purchase those kinds also. Always think of the carrying part also. They are of heavy weight, so you will definitely need a help to move it from one place to another.
There are some people who would prefer the air compressor combo kits that are run by the electricity. You should give some time to decide the best compressors. For this you can always refer to the internet. In the internet you will find description of each type of compressors in a detailed way. Always see the best qualities and the bad qualities of the kit that you are planning to purchase.

Clutch slave cylinder

A gadget to better your car’s performance

As a regular car user you will be quite aware of the vehicle mechanics. When your clutch starts malfunctioning then the clutch slave cylinder will come to your rescue. This equipment helps the clutch to operate freely and without any distortion. The breakdown of this cylinder will totally strand the car, may be in the middle of the road. You should always take the necessary servicing of every equipment of the car. First you should watch if the equipment could be required, neither considers it changing. Various models of cars use various types of clutch cylinders, but one is available to be used universally. Most of this specialized and you could hardly use one for the other. Always try to get the original equipment recommended by the car manufacturer. The original recommended for your car will always be good for you and your favorite car.

Always watch the malfunctioning of the clutch

While maintaining the car tip top you should always keep the clutch ok. This will improve the performance of the car. Though the clutch is essential for driving the car but never over spent on any item. You can also purchase a good quality second hand one if you find it suitable. Some used mechanical parts works like a new original one. They come with a certain amount warranty period attached to it. Always go to a big retailer who has a good reputation of servicing the customer. Used slave cylinders are available simultaneously.
If you are in a budget mode then the second hand clutch slave will be quite ok. The second hand product may be used several times, but if in a good condition will save your day. But the original new one will always carry a warranty with it. Since the clutch is very essential to run the car, so without changing it at the right time will be bad. You must attach the clutch to make the car workable neither it will remain in garage. This will increase your daily hassles and you will have to try the public transport system.