Concealed carry vest

A multipurpose vest

Concealed carry vest

The concealed carry vest is a type of multipurpose vest for a variety of uses. They are mainly used by the men in uniform. But nowadays people also use this type of vest to store various handy things. This attire is useful when you go for an adventure or mountain or rock climbing. The pockets are generally concealed in this type of dress so the things you carry in the pocket will not fall off. But the one to carry arms remains inside and on the right side of the dress to make it accessible. A man in uniform generally puts his hand inside to get hold of the gun, if he suspects anything suspicious around it. There are other varieties, where the left side has the concealed pockets. But the vests with concealed pockets on both sides are found to be most favored among the buyers of it.

Vest to carry your essentials

These concealed vests are very useful for the person on the move. So if you are going on a hitch hiker or that sort of adventure than this vest will be very useful. It can be used in a multipurpose way. Some of the special variety can have as many as 30 pockets. But generally you can find around 15 to 18 pocket in a normal vest. The pockets in this type of vests are found in both the sides, in the back and in the abdomen area. Many of the pockets are situated in between.

Most of their pockets are generally closed by Velcro fasteners. Some also come with zippers to totally block it and give it a secret type. Many different kind of stuff cold be carried in these pockets. Even large items like a water bottle can be put in to it. Food or papers, all go inside quite conveniently in these pockets. Most of them are available in dark colors and some of today’s can be made available in a mixture of contrasting colors. But the pocket is the main important thing of this dress than anything else. This gives the versatility of the dress.

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