Spark plug socket

How to remove the spark plug

The mechanism of removing the spark plugs of your car with the help of spark plug socket is not a rocket science. What you need is to understand the location of the spark plugs and the technique of removing it. You need two things to remove the spark plugs of your car. One is a plug socket and the other is the ratchet. Firstly, what you need to do is to open the hood of the car and check the condition of the spark plug and also check the condition of the car engine. After removing the spark plug wires in the engines you will find the spark plugs. Then to remove the spark plug, you need to turn the spark plug counter clockwise with the help of the ratchet and the plug socket. By doing this you will be able to find out whether the spark plug is damaged.

Usage of spark plug socket

The usage of the spark plug socketis very simple. It is used for replacing and removing the spark plugs properly. There are some special plug sockets that are made for deep set spark plugs. In some cases you might find that the spark plug is hard to find and reach. In these cases you will have to get a plug socket that specializes in getting these spark plugs.

The sizes of the spark plug socket depend on the car that you have. To avoid the spark plug from being damaged, there are magnetic plug socket available that can hold the spark plug with the help of the magnetic force. Almost all plug socket last for a long time and keeps the spark plug in place because they are made of chrome. Thus it is wise to check the durability of the plug socket and to check its features before you go for buying one.

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