Universal car charger

We all know that the “Low Battery” message usually appears at the worst possible time. Like when you really need the navigation app, or expecting a call. If you are in a car, a charger will solve it, but which one to buy when there are hundreds of possibilities. That’s why I have created a list of best universal car chargers you can buy in 2017.

Best Universal Car Charger 2017

Charger NameConnectorPortsPrice 
AmazonBasics Micro USB Universal Car Chargermicro USB1$6.99Check Price
Anker 24W Dual USB Car ChargerUSB2$8.99Check Price
iClever BoostCube 40W 4-Port USB ChargerUSB4$15.99Check Price
CHARGED 4 Port Quick Charge Car ChargerUSB & USB-C4$14.99Check Price
Jelly Comb Quick Charger 3.0USB4$19.99Check Price

AmazonBasics Car Charger – Best Budget Charger

If you are looking for a cheap charger this charger will fulfill your needs and for a really great price. It’s not as powerfull as the other ones, so not suitable for Apple devices like iPhone.

What’s good

  • Really cheap
  • Comes with micro USB cable (about 1.5 meters long)


  • Not suitable for iPhone and other Apple devices

A universal car charger is a device which is used for charging multiple electronic devices such as IPod, digital cameras, mobile phones, PDA and lots of other electronic devices. This device consists of different adapters for charging different electronic devices. You can even charge the headset easily if there is an absence of a wall outlet. When you are in a car you do not have the privilege to get a wall power socket. Thus this adapter can be plugged in the car’s cigarette lighter socket and charge your devices. Any kind of USB device can be charged with the help of this adapter and at the same time it is compatible to any USB device that has a charging cable. This adapter is also safe to use because it comprises of a circuit board which protects it from any kind of short circuit or electrical mismatch.

Kinds of universal car charger

There are many types of universal car charger available in the market these days and before buying you must know what kind of a charger you are buying. Cigarette lighter adapter is one type of car charger with which you can charge the I Phone and cell phone. It is a 12v lighter socket which can charge your devices without overheating them. One of the best among the car chargers is the Premium rapid vehicle charger. It is a high quality charger compared to other car chargers as because it has an LED indicator which indicates once your device has been fully charged. The car charger deluxe is a type of car charger which allows you to enjoy the ITunes and also allows hands free conversation.
However, before buying a universal car charger you must compare the prices in different websites and read the reviews of various models. You can enjoy your ride and do not need to care if the battery of your device drains away.

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