V belt pulley

About V belt pulley

V belt pulley is one of the most important discoveries that were invented in the year 1917. These devices are most commonly used today as because these devices provide a far better service than any other pulley or belt. Another important feature of these devices is that they last for a long time. Moreover they are efficient and easy to use. When the belt goes through the pulley, it forms a V shape. That is the reason why it is called V belt. The main functionality of this pulley is to change the direction of the force during the mechanical process. The advantage of using this kind of pulley is that they allows less force to be used for longer distance and hence it becomes easier to lift things and perform other functionality. Nowadays these kinds of pulleys are used in cars and in many other machines.

Maintenance of V belt pulley

Some of the machines where V belt pulley is used are air conditioning, power steering, water pumps, crankshafts and in many other machines. For maintenance, you need to check the pulley very often so that you can protect it from rust, any wear and tear of the belt and also the tightness of the belt. You can loosen or tighten the belt according to its movement. However, even if you are using an automatic tensioning pulley, you will have to replace the pulley if the belt is not tight enough. In other case, you will have to change the belt if there are too many cracks or if it is frayed.
As the V belt pulley comes in different shapes and sizes, so they can be easily used in different machines. If you are buying a new pulley, you must make sure of the size of the pulley. These pulleys are easily available in the automobile stores and you can even purchase them online from different websites.

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