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About water fire extinguisher

The water fire extinguisher is one of the simplest and the earliest type of fire extinguisher that are available in the market. A steady jet of water is discharged from this fire extinguisher over the source of the flames lowering down the temperature of the burning material below the point of ignition. These fire extinguishers are commonly of two types. The first one is the air pressured fire extinguisher. In this the air pressure discharges the water from the container to the flames. The water mist spray fire extinguisher is the second type of fire extinguisher which contains pressurized nitrogen mixed with water which is spread as tiny droplets or a mist instead of shooting a strong jet of water. These types of fire extinguishers are most commonly used in cramped and small places because they are less messy than any other type of fire extinguisher.

Amerex 240, 2.5 Gallon Water Class A Fire Extinguisher
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All Amerex extinguishers are furnished with a detailed “Owners Manual” containing valuable information. The manual contains information on the installation, use and maintenance of the extinguisher. The extinguisher nameplate (label) contains specific information on ...
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Buckeye 50000 Stainless Steel Water Pressurized Hand Held Fire
$95.48 $122.07
Buckeye water and water mist units provide effective and economical protection for common combustible fires. The water mist unit uses deionized water and incorporates a unique spray nozzle. These features make it safe for use on energized electrical equipment. Water mis...
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Kidde 466403 Pro 2.5 Water Fire Extinguisher, 2.5 Gallon, Stainless
$119.36 $167.64
The Kidde Pro 2.5 W unit performs better, lasts longer, offers the best value in the extinguisher industry, and is the number one choice for virtually all hazards where class A-type materials may be present. Suitable for use on Class A (trash, wood, paper) fires. Safe a...
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US Toy Fire Extinguisher Water Squirter Toy
$0.99 $12.99
Great pool toy. Unscrew the top to fill with water and squeeze the handle to shoot. Made of plastic. Size 9" L....
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1 - 100 psi. Pressure Gauge For Portable Water Pressure Fire
$5.95 $5.95
**Watch for quantity DISCOUNTS only at BIGDAVESYARDSALE** 100 psi. Universal Gauge For Portable Water Pressure Fire Extinguishers (1 - Gauge) Very easy to install this gauge on your stainless steel Fire Extinguisher (Just put a little Teflon Tape on the threads and you'...
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Badass Moto Gear Adjustable Roll Bar Mounted Fire Extinguster
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Add some zing and safety to your Jeep roll bar with this premium Jeep Wrangler accessory. Matches our Jeep Roll Bar Grab handles (sold separately). Fits all Jeeps with roll bars, Jeep Wrangler, Unlimited, Sahara, Rubicon, TJ, JK and more. Perfect mount for a fire exting...
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2.5 Gallon Type 2A Water Pressure Fire Extinguisher with Wall
$124.12 $124.12
Our Water Fire Pressure Fire Extinguisher are use for common combustible fires. The Water Pressured fire extinguishers have Schrader Valves incorporated into the Valve Assemblies for easy recharge....
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Indian 90G Galvanized Fire Pump with Smith Pump, 5-Gallon
$176.99 $229.99
The Indian 90G Galvanized Fire Pump features a 5 gallon galvanized tank outfitted with a premium Smith all-brass pump. Smith's pump will give years of bind free use. You can count on it in an emergency. Lumbar support built into back, with air holes for comfort. Dual No...
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Haven Automatic Fire Suppressant for ABC Industrial and Urban
$286.98 $289.99
When every second counts, this unique product can clear the path to safety. The HAVEN is a revolutionary new product that installs in your ceiling, and when activated by heat it automatically fights the fire without water. It can provide you and your family the extra se...
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1L Fire Extinguisher Drink Beer Wine Dispenser Pourer Water Beverage
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Description: 1L Fire Extinguisher Drink Beer Wine Dispenser Pourer Water Beverage Cocktail Pouring Machine CREATIVE COOL fire extinguisher drink beer, it's much cool when putting on your desk If you want to drink cool drinking, you can put some ice in the drinking dispe...
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Work of a water fire extinguisher

The work of a water fire extinguisher is to nullify some specific type of fires. Most commonly these types of fire extinguishers are used to put of fires which involves freely burning materials like wood, paper, textiles and other carbonaceous substances. These are usually classified as ‘A’ type of fires. The rating should be displayed in every fire extinguisher which indicates the water holding capacity of the container and the expanse of fire that it can extinguish. Generally the range of the jet on the fire extinguishers varies from few feet to a maximum of four feet.
There is a small container at the top of the container casing which contains compressed gas. The leaking out of the gas is prohibited by the presence of a release valve. Some fire extinguishers contain a plastic head caps which incorporates a metal valve body that provides added strength. These fire extinguishers are available very easily in the market as well as in the online stores these days.

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